A Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer

After a diagnosis of breast cancer – there are so many questions, and concerns.  The first and best thing to do is to keep a calendar of your doctor’s appointments and treatment dates.  That way, you can schedule your normal activities around it.  Nowadays, women tolerate their chemo treatments well as a result of the pre-medications that are give prior to chemotherapy and the medications they have at home.  I encourage everyone to continue to keep their life as active as possible.  If you were exercising prior to your diagnosis – please continue.  Take into account that you might be tired 48 hours after your treatment, it may last a few days, but after that you should be feeling fine.  Use the prescription medications your doctor has given for any mild discomfort or nausea you might have.  Be active, and be positive.  Eat healthy fruits and veggies and incorporate beets into your diet….they will keep your blood counts normal..

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