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A New Surgical Treatment for Lymphedema

Friday, April 30th, 2010

While speaking to a customer today about lymphdema sleeves, she told me about a new procedure being done at MD Anderson Hospital.  It has not been approved, and so is therefore not covered by insurance.  However, the following article talks about the procedure and I thought everyone would find it worthwhile – pass on the information!

Truncal Lymphedema

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

After breast surgery, sometimes right away, and somtimes years later, women can experience swelling, or edema underneath their breast, that can travel around to their back.  This lymphedema is difficult to treat and extremely uncomfortable to live with.  I strongly recommend lymphatic draining to help move the fluid out.  At the same time, a compression bra is necessary.  This bra should fit below the area of edema, and will help with maintaining the status quo.  We have several compression bras available.  The Bellisse Bra was specifically designed to address truncal lymphedema.   This is the cadillac of compression bras.  A bit more to spend, but well worth it.  Remember – these are covered by insurance.  You will need a letter of medical necessity from your physician to help with reimbursement.  Also check out our other Compression Bras by Amoena, American Breast Care and Wearease.  The Slimmer by Wearease acts as both a compression bra and a shaper!

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Friday, February 5th, 2010
Many women experience swelling – or edema – as it is called – not just on their arm, but around their breast area, and along their trunk. Not knowing what this is – most women continue to look for a bra that will help them reduce this swelling along with trying to be comfortable.

Truncal edema is difficult to treat, and can be extremely uncomfortable.

Although Primary and Secondary Lymphedema in the arms and legs is better known and documented, Secondary Lymphedema occurring in the chest, breast and back, now known as “Truncal Lymphedema”, is still largely under-diagnosed in the medical community. Yet according to anecdotal reports from health care providers, it is a rapidly increasing problem. Women with this often painful chronic condition that can occur following successful breast cancer treatments can be hard pressed to find any information on lymphedema (swelling) in the armpit, chest, breast and/or back.

Please refer to this link from the Bellisse Compression Bra company that exlpains what truncal edema is, along with providing pictures.

Here is a picture and information on the Bellisse Compression Bra:

Also, the National Lymphdema Network is a wonderful source for support and infomation:

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