Using Breast Forms vs Enhancers

In the last 2 weeks I have received several calls from women that would like to enhance their breasts so that clothes will fit better, and they would feel more attractive.  There are several ways to go about achieving this problem.  If your breasts are uneven, the first thing to do is fimd a bra that will fit the larger side.  Then we fill in the space on the other side.  Enhancers work best for women that have good enough breast tissue, but just want to look fuller.  Most enhancers are small slices of silicone  that are placed in your bra over the breast and will give you a more fuller look.  This is great, and works well for alot of women.

 However, most of the time the enhancers look funny in the bra, do not completely cover the breast, and do not give the look you want.  If there is 1/3 to 1/2 of space in the cup, a partial breast form or a full form is needed.

 The partials are great, as they are silicone shells, and will fit over the entire breast.  The clincher here is finding the right size.  Trial and error.  Several of the women I spoke to last week needed a full form – they had very little breast tissue, or were a large band size – over 42 with small breasts – around a AA, and  they felt like they looked silly.  I recommended a few different polyfill forms to try.

These are inexpensive, soft, and look great.  All the bras we have are pocketed, so whether you are using an enhancer, or a full form, they will fit beautifully into the bras.   Call or write for more information on how to fit.

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