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O&P Business News is the #1 online source for daily news and perspectives in orthotics and prosthetics.  Recently they published”Positive Atmosphere Improves Business for Post-Mastectomy Providers”  where they interviewed Andrea Barbera, CFM of Anita International Corporation.  O&P then contacted Barbara here at Woman’s Personal Health Resource to get her perspective on the topic.  Below is Barbara’s perspective and the entire article can be viewed at O&P Business News.

Andrea Barbera’s [insight into] the relationship between a mastectomy fitter and her customer offer interesting food for thought. After a diagnosis of breast cancer followed by surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, a woman’s self esteem is challenged, withered down and her emotional stability is in jeopardy. For this woman, finding a place of respite where she can heal her damaged self-esteem is of utmost importance. A warm, caring mastectomy fitter who can help her choose the right products so that she is comfortable will change her life. A diverse selection of products from immediate post-mastectomy through recovery and beyond will keep her coming back to the same environment. Offering garments that are fashionable, sexy and well-fitting will keep her as a customer forever.

Barbera notes that we live in a time where reimbursement and all its regulations require quite a challenge. Although there are many on-line businesses — mine included — it is important that women have a place to go to be fitted and a place where they can shop for items that will become an integral part of their feeling whole.

— Barbara Zarrell, RN
Chief executive officer, The Woman’s Personal Health

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