Caring For Your Swimsuit

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You have found a beautiful swimsuit that fits and you feel great in it! Now you want to keep it looking beautiful for as long as possible.

We have all had the problems of seeing our swimsuits fade in color, stretch out, seeing little piles of fluff…..not a pretty site!The lifetime of a suit varies. Women have told me that their swimsuit lasts for years, while at the same time, some complain that they fall apart after a few months.So to help you out, I have developed a few tips on how to increase the life of your swimsuit.
The main culprits of destruction are chlorine, salt water, hot tubs, ( I once went into a hot tub with a pretty purple bikini and came out with a white bikini!), suntan lotions, Lycra and abrasive surfaces. Hot water permanently stretches the fabric and dryer sheets and detergents will destroy it completely.

So Here Goes:

After You Swim
Rinse yourself with cool or lukewarm tap water. This will remove the chlorine or the bromine that eats away at the fabric.

Never Machine Wash Your Suit!
Wash the suit by hand with a mild soap after every use. There are special Swimsuit Cleaners on the market. Plain water does not remove the chlorine or salt water.

Do Not Dry Your Swimsuit in a Dryer Or In The Sun
The Sun fades the colors and the dryer will ruin the Lycra which will cause it to stretch out. Hang your suit to dry in the shade, or indoors.

Do Not Wrap Your Swimsuit In A Towel After Swimming
The towel contains all the chemicals that you just rinsed off. If you keep the swimsuit in a closed bag in the sun, the towel will heat up, and the suit will breakdown.

Be Careful Where You Sit
Pool edges and decks are rough on the fabric. Put a towel underneath before sitting.

Tan Before You Swim
This way your suit remains dry, and the sun will not cause as much damage to the material. If you want to swim first, change into an alternate, dry suit to sunbathe with.

Use Vinegar and Water to Slow Down Fading
Soak your swimsuit in a mixture of vinegar and water for about half an hour. Use one spoon of vinegar and one quart of water.

Alternate Swimsuits
Try and give your swimsuits at least 24 hours to dry before reusing. Since the Lycra/Spandex is a memory yarn, the suit needs 24 hours to go back to its original shape.

Polyester Swimsuits
These are chemical resistant and made with a stronger fabric. While no suit will last forever, the proper care will keep the colors vibrant and the shape form fitting.




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