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Surgi Bra

Total Breast Health Book

Style TBH - Total Breast Health Book

Total Breast Health: The Power Food Solution for Protection and Wellness



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Surgi-Bra II

SKU: Golda 908
surgical bras, mastectomy

Therapeutic breast support provides light compression following breast procedures such as augmentation, reduction, mastopexy and biopsy. Cotton/Spandex. White and Black.

Surgi-Vest By Golda

SKU: Golda 519
Style 519 - Surgi-Vest By Golda
Style 519 - Surgi-Vest By Golda

Breast wrap supports ribs, sternum and breast tissue after heart/chest surgeries, especially those complicated by obesity, large breasts or excess fatty tissue.

Immobilizes side and breast tissue

Cough and breathe normally without fear of stress on incision

Surgi-Bra by Golda Inc.

SKU: Golda 518
Style SBG - Surgi-Bra by Golda Inc.


Latex Free Therapeutic Breast Support


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