Almost U

Almost U Breast Form - Model 403 - Lightweight


A New Form From Almost U

Lightweight Rounded Tri-Side

Rounded edge provides a custom fit

Very light and comfortable

Almost U Style 560 - Tear Drop Breast Form - Sizes 13 & 14 Only!


A perfect fit for the larger, fuller-figured woman without using fillers. May be rotated to suit individual needs for comfort and fit.

Sizes 13 & 14 Only

(Size 13 is approximately two sizes up from Style 101,
size 14)

Almost U Style 503 - Lightweight Tri-Side Breast Form


Obtain a more natural "custom" fit with this lightweight form. It is 25% lighter and has contoured ends. Can be worn on either side and positioned to fit comfortably.

Sizes 1 thru 12


Almost U Style 302 - Tri-Side Shell Breast Form


A hollowed out shell makes this breast form perfect for lumpectomies or reconstructions. Can be worn on either side.

Sizes 3 thru 12

Almost U Style 203 - Lightweight Tri-Side Breast Form


Flexible and lightweight, this form is 30% lighter. Can be positioned to suit various surgeries, creating a natural drape and appearance. The perfect choice for the woman who does not care for the weight of a heavier form.

Sizes 1 thru 13

Almost U Style 104 - Asymmetrical Breast Form

Almost U Style 104 - Asymmetrical Breast Form

Designed specifically to be worn on the right or left side. Offers more cup protection and underarm coverage.

Sizes 2 thru 12

Purchase Two Forms - Receive a 15% Discount


Almost U Style 201 - Lightweight Teardrop Breast Form


With a slightly hollowed out back, this form is 30% lighter than the standard. Worn horizontally or vertically on either side. Ideal for the woman who prefers a lighter weight.

Sizes 1 thru 14

Almost U Style 103 - Tri-Side Breast Form


A unique three-sided form that offers great flexibility while enhancing either the right or left side.

Sizes 1 thru 14

Almost U Style 101 - Tear Drop Breast Form


Designed to be worn horizontally or vertically, on the left or right side. Versatile and easy-wearing for a comfortable, natural fit.

Sizes 1 thru 14

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