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Jobst Bella Strong Gauntlet

SKU: jobstbellagauntlet
Style jobstbellagauntlet - Jobst Bella Strong Gauntlet

Jobst Bella Strong was developed with the highest technology to deliver true compression with all-day wearing comfort. Individuals are more likely to be wear a compression garment when the fabric has been designed to keep them cool and dry.

Air permeability is determined by knit structure. It is easy to see that one of many benefits of the Jobst Bella Strong is that it will keep your skin cooler and drier than other gauntlets.

Colors:  Beige

Compression:  15-20  and 20-30

Sizes:  1-8

Jobst Bella Strong Lymphdema Sleeve - New!

SKU: jobstbella
Style jobstbella - Jobst Bella Strong Lymphdema Sleeve - New!

The best German engineering has to offer.

Bella Strong is a ready-to-wear armsleeve by Jobst to manage lymphedema issues. The sleeve is made from a patented  very soft, lightweight and air permeable fabric.  A 2-inch silicone dot top band keeps the sleeve firmly in place.  Designed to work in conjunction with the Bella Strong gauntlet, the sleeve compression is reduced at the wrist.

Jobst Gauntlet

SKU: Gaunt
Style Gaunt - Jobst Gauntlet

The Jobst Ready-to-Wear gauntlet helps maintain the limb size of lymphedema patients. This cool and comfortable garment provides gradient compression to assist in patient management following trauma, surgery, or radiation therapy. The gauntlet is made from a soft, lightweight, and air permeable material with knit construction and fits a wide range of hand shapes. Reduced compression at the wrist provides an effective and comfortable fit when the gauntlet is worn with an arm sleeve.

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