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Very Private Products

Very Private® Intimate Moisture

Style VPIM - Very Private® Intimate Moisture


"Buy it for the problem,

use it for the pleasure"

Relieves vaginal dryness instantly & enhances intimacy

Very Private® Body Wash

Style VPBW - Very Private® Body Wash

"We only put in what's good for your skin"

  • Leaves your body clean and conditioned with each shower.

  • Unique ingredient helps prevent vaginal irritations, which are often found in regular soaps and body washes.

Very Private® Body Silk

Style VPBS - Very Private® Body Silk

A systemic moisturizer for dry skin.

Rebalances and reconditions even seriously dry, patchy, flaky skin.

  • Penetrates instantly to the deeper levels of the skin to establish moisture balance.

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