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Compression and Support Stocking Information Page

Compression and Lymphedema garments are usually covered by your insurance!

What is Venous Disease

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The veins in your legs are one of the hardest working parts of your circulatory system. They are responsible for feeding the tissues of your legs by supplying them with oxygenated blood. Deoxygenated blood is then returned to your heart, where it is forced to fight gravity along the way.

This process puts a great deal of stress on the veins of your legs. Because of this, many people are at risk of having problems with their veins later in life. When veins become weak they lose elasticity, which is commonly known as varicose veins.

Support stockings assist the natural function of your veins by offering a mild graduated compression. This compression provides a "massaging effect" that, when combined with the muscle pump effect of the calf, helps to constrict the veins.

Constriction of the veins by compression stockings, enables more efficient function of the vein valves, improving the return of blood to the heart. The result is legs that will look and feel great due to their increased vitality.

We offer a wide variety of support stockings for you to choose from.

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Cancer surgery frequently removes lymph nodes and cuts through lymph vessels underneath the arm. Radiation therapy further damages the lymph nodes and vessels. This means that the arm and upper body on the side of the treatment have a weak immune system and only part of their drainage channels. That is why breast cancer patients are at increased risk for infection and swelling after the cancer treatment. The name of this swelling is lymphedema. There is no cure for most lymphedema conditions. It is very important to take special care of your arm. If you are experiencing swelling, your doctor may recommend that you see a person that specializes in lymphatic drainage, which is gentle massage to decrease the swelling. Or he may recommend an arm sleeve or hand compression garment to keep your swelling under control.

We provide compression arm sleeves with or without a shoulder extension, as well as attachable or detachable compression gloves.