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Clinical Skin Therapy
A rich concentration of nature’s most rare
vitamins, botanicals and extracts working in
conjunction with our proprietary blends and

It’s nothing short of a miracle cream. In fact, while we cannot say it will change your life, it will change the fate of your skin.

Sea Whip Extract, derived from deep within the Caribbean Sea, holds magical yet real skin healing properties, while luxe, African Mongongo Oil nourishes, renews and feeds the skin. Infused further with the scientifically proven mega-ingredients EUK-134, DMS and Beracare ARS, this all-powerful treatment will literally transform ravaged skin upon application.

Housed within a lightweight, yet sophisticated base, this complex will melt into your skin upon contact while remaining hard at work for long-term, long-lasting results thanks to Dr. Schewe’s advanced deep delivery-system.

Natural Vitamin E and Manuka Honey rich, as with all Elite Therapeutics products, there is no other skin care experience that can compare to the beauty of extreme luxury and healing like that of this modern skin care marvel.


Essential Daily Hydrating Body Wash
This all-natural daily moisturizing wash is the
healthiest form of cleansing hydration with
naturally-preserved Japanese Honeysuckle and
healing power of skin conditioners including
Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey and Vitamin E.

Formulated with everything your skin needs, and desires, this 100% all-natural daily moisturizing wash is the healthiest, purest form of cleansing hydration you can offer your body.

Naturally-preserved with Japanese Honeysuckle, Elite Therapeutics’ Essential Daily Hydrating Body Wash not only thoroughly cleanses, but imparts goodness and healing power through such natural conditioners as Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey, and Vitamin E. Furthermore, the skin is bathed in an additional skin-healing element through the exclusive use of Beta Glucan, a medicinal treatment utilized as a wound healing agent.

Whether your skin is dry, normal, or extremely damaged, introduce your body to a daily purification treat with a beautiful, skin cleansing wash.



Essential Deodorant Therapy
This all-natural deodorant therapy uses three
unique forms of deodorant to ensure the
highest level of odor protection. It not only
keeps you fresh and deodorized, but also keeps
delicate underarm skin healthy and hydrated.

98% all-natural and formulated with a sugar-based emulsifier, Essential Deodorant Therapy not only keeps you fresh and deodorized, but also keeps delicate underarm skin healthy and hydrated.

Dr. Schewe formulated this product very differently than most in the category – he included the use of three, unique forms of deodorant to ensure the highest-level of odor protection. One of the few deodorants available containing a vegetable-based deodorizer, a natural Lemon Tree Oil extract and Biolin, a pre-biotic booster that generates odor-minimizing “good” skin bacteria. Essential Deodorant Therapy represents the next-generation of personal care.

As with all Elite Therapeutics skin care products, Dr. Schewe relies heavily on the healing powers of pure Vitamin E and indigenous Manuka Honey. Furthermore, the exclusive use of Lavender Tea Tree Oil, a natural antimicrobial sourced from Australia, heralds this deodorant as a complete, 24-hour, naturalform of deodorizing therapy.



Daily Clinical Skin Therapy
A dense, healing, salve-like complex, Daily
Créme bears a true, pharmaceutical-grade
consistency that is a perfect moisturizer for the
whole body on a daily basis.


Dr. Schewe knew when he was developing the Elite Therapeutics line that the entire brand needed to be anchored by one, powerful, daily skin care product. Thus, the evolution of Elite Therapeutics’ ELITE CRÉME Daily Clinical Skin Therapy was the first, and most potent, of Dr. Schewe’s everyday, yet clinical, skincare regimen.

A dense, healing, salve-like complex, Daily Crème bears a true, pharmaceutical-grade consistency.

This skin therapy product is not only an extremely hydrating moisturizer for dry or damaged facial skin, it also is a perfect moisturizer for the body…all-in-one.

The inclusion of Vitamins A and C, as well as the super-power Vitamin E, make this crème an ideal choice for severely troubled skin. However, Dr. Schewe’s use of the exclusive Manuka Honey, as well as such natural extracts as Olive Oil, Pink Grapefruit and Avocado make this a light, yet exotic, treat for skin. Safe and natural, Daily Crème can be enjoyed by all skin types and will help replenish and renew…every morning and evening.



Essential Lip Therapy
Specially created with a high-level infusion of
Vitamin E, soothing Manuka Honey and a
special blend of Orange Peel Oil, Açaí Extract,
Pomegranate and Rice Bran Oil for an essential
lip therapy that is revolutionary in lip care.

Lips can be one of the most adversely affected areas of the face – yet, in many cases, they are among the most ignored.

Dr. Schewe noticed that a number of his radiation patients were experiencing very dry, cracked, unhealthy lips as a result of their treatment, and many of the traditional lip products currently available offered little, if any, effective or longlasting relief.

Disturbed by the lack of remedies, as well as the use of non-beneficial, unhealthy ingredients in many of the available options, Dr. Schewe developed a 100% all-natural, deeply hydrating lip balm.

Elite Therapeutics’ Essential Lip Therapy was specially created with a high-level infusion of Vitamin E, soothing Manuka Honey and a special blend of Orange Peel Oil, Acai, Pomegranate and Rice Bran. There is truly nothing contained in this lip balm but pure, pristine, hydration treatment. Essential Lip Therapy is an absolute revolution in the lip care category.

Moist, but not shiny…hydrating, but not greasy – this product is an ideal choice for those seeking an everyday lip treatment…or complete lip salvation