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Elite Therapeutics Testimonials

"As a cancer patient, I have received radiation treatment twice a day, every day, for 5 weeks. Three times a day during these treatments I applied Elite Premier Crème to my skin and can’t say enough good things about the product.  My skin has held up wonderfully throughout the radiation process, and I attribute that largely to this crème.  I recommend its use to anyone receiving radiation treatment."


"After using Elite Crème for the duration of a week, my skin was no longer bright red, rough, cracked and peeling.  I experienced open, bleeding and oozing burns from the radiation.  I had wished I was led to this product much sooner due to the condition of my skin.  I felt the Elite Premier Crème was a miracle lotion because of the magnificent improvement of my skin with in the first 24 hours and after a week I felt my skin was back to normal.  I would highly recommend this product to any person going though radiation or anyone having issues with their skin.  I am a TRUE believer that the Elite Premier Crème made a magnificent difference on my skin and healing of my radiation burns. What I was using prior to Elite Premier Crème made NO difference on my skin and healing of my radiation burns.  I am totally impressed with the product."


"Since I have using Elite, my skin is much improved. I have a scar on my neck from surgery in 1999 and now it is barely noticeable! The lines around my eyes and mouth have softened, and my skin feels so soft. I love the fresh, natural scent of the product and the way it feels on my skin. It is the BEST product I have ever used, and my friends have all noticed it too!"


"I am sure you already know this but the Elite creme is great on really bad sun burns.  Stops the hurt really fast and no burn the next day.  My luck was so good with it on burns and took pity on our receptionist and had her use it.  She had same results and wanted to know where to buy it.  Crazy."


"This is the best!!  I have been using the products since November and no more dry, scaly elbows or dry patches on my skin.  I highly recommend Elite Premier Crème, also the Body Wash as well as all others in the sample kit.

Thank you Dr. Schewe--------Wishing you the Best in the New Year!!!!!"


"I have been using all of the products for about 3 weeks, not as a patient, but as a women wanting to look and feel the healthiest  I possibly can as I age.  I am truly amazed at the difference in my skin, especially my face and neck, and  in such a short period of time. I would rate the Elite Premier Creme, (one of my favorites),  way above any other product I have used.  I am a firm believer of vitamin E and Dr. Schewe's products include everything I look for in skin products and so much more!  The lip balm... I am addicted to it, I cannot go without it!

Thank you Dr. Schewe for creating all these wonderful products for your patients who deserve them so much!  And for everyone else like me, that just wants to look and feel healthier."