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Elila Size Chart and Fitting Guide

View the Elila Fitting Video & Elila's Step By Step Measuring Guide

Size Charts

Here you can find size charts for all manufacturer's and brands that we carry.

Nearly Me Breast Form Sizing Chart

NEARLY ME® Breast Form Size Chart
NEARLY ME® Fitting Guide
NEARLY ME® Bra Size Chart

Elite Therapeutics Ingredients

Product Description


Clinical Skin Therapy
A rich concentration of nature’s most rare
vitamins, botanicals and extracts working in
conjunction with our proprietary blends and

Zee Bra Faqs

What is most important when choosing my zee bra!®?
Size!! Remember zee bra!® doesn't have hooks or clasps to adjust the band size. Instead it is made up of fabric which has just enough spandex in it which means it moves and stretches as you move and stretch.

Caring For Your Swimsuit

Woman's Personal Health Swimsuit Care


You have found a beautiful swimsuit that fits and you feel great in it! Now you want to keep it looking beautiful for as long as possible.



Hi Marianne

All I can say is you are the most helpful and friendliest assistant I have ever come across online.  When you order things from overseas it’s a bit of a gamble whether they arrive or will fit etc

You make the experience of shopping at Woman’s Personal Health very easy.

How to Wash & Care for your Hairpiece

1. Detach hairpiece from hat.
2. To wash, gently swish the hairpiece in a solution of mild shampoo and cold water.
3. If needed, gently scrub elastic band with soft toothbrush.
4. Rinse thoroughly in cold water.
5. Do not wring, twist, or brush when wet!
6. With fingers, gently restore style to wet hairpiece. Allow hairpiece to drip dry.


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