Post Mastectomy Bra

Mastectomy Strapless Bra Choosing the right post mastectomy bra can be overwhelming decision. Many women want to be able to wear the same clothing they wore prior to the surgery, as well as looking symmetrical. The right post mastectomy bra will help with bring back a sense of normalcy. Women's Personal Health Resource offers a one stop shopping experience with over a dozen different manufacturers specializing in bras for breast prosthetics. We carry manufactures such as Amoena, American Breast, Jodee and Ladies First where we carry a full line of post mastectomy bra for every occasion.

Fitting You Unique Body

Whether it’s a personal choice or a medical one, there are many reasons why women want to wear a breast prosthesis. Wearing a breast prosthesis and custom designed bra will help protect mastectomy scars. They have been shown to help with shoulder drop and curvature of the spine which causes muscular pain in the neck and back. Wearing the custom bra will also help keep your balance and posture in check.

Specially Designed

Post mastectomy bras have pockets designed to hold the prosthesis in place. Styles range from athletic, leisure, full figure, underwire, seamless, bras with built in breast form, front and back closure bras and many more. Some bras do not have the pockets, but an extra flap may be ordered. Each bra shows a picture to better show the design. Several colors such as white, black and nude are available in most styles.

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