Zee Bra Faqs

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What is most important when choosing my zee bra!®?
Size!! Remember zee bra!® doesn't have hooks or clasps to adjust the band size. Instead it is made up of fabric which has just enough spandex in it which means it moves and stretches as you move and stretch.

I am a size B cup and would like to wear zee bra!®. Is that possible?
Yes! My friend Elizabeth is a size 36B and she loves wearing her 36A zee bra!® around the house, to the grocery store, or to work in the garden.

I want to wash my zee bra!® with the pads in it. Will this be ok?
We highly recommend that you take out the pads. They will not stay in zee bra!® and will wrinkle. Once they wrinkle, they will always be wrinkled. These wrinkles show through your clothes - not pretty.

I accidently put my zee bra!® in the dryer (without the pads). Will it be ok?
Probably....Again, we highly recommend that you hand wash your zee bra!® and line dry it. It will last much longer if you care for it this way.

How do I wash the pads?
You can wash it the same way you wash your zee bra!®. Use mild soap and warm water on pads and then air dry.

How about some tips on inserting the pads?
Sure! First place the smaller of the two pads inside the larger pad, lining up the two so they are going the same direction. The round part of the pad is the top. The straight edged part is the bottom. Once you have the two pads together, turn them so they are concave, and fold the sides of the pads together. With your other hand, open the pocket on the side of zee bra!®, insert the pads, leading with the top of the pad. The straight part of the pad rests at the bottom of the pocket. Move the pads over so they sit in the middle of the pocket. Repeat these steps for the other side of your zee bra!® Voila! You are now ready to enjoy your zee bra!®