Amoena Swimsuits

Amoena Swimsuits

Amoena Swimsuits Are Beautiful, Functional and Well-Fitting. Choose from many different types of styles and prices!

Looking for Amoena Bras?  OR  Amoena Breast Forms?

Amoena Sale Swimsuit *

SKU: 323257/sale
Style 323257/sale - Amoena Sale Swimsuit *

Swim Dress

Pockets on both sides


Amoena Mastectomy Swimsuit - Size 6 On Sale

SKU: 70422
Style 70422 - Amoena Mastectomy Swimsuit*

Elegant Post-Mastectomy navy swimsuit with built in pockets with foam cups. Adjustable Straps!

  • Pockets on both sides for a breast form or enhancer
  • Silver Accent on Straps

Retail Price: $89


Pockets Will Accommodate Various Sizes of Prosthesis

Amoena Mastectomy Swimsuit

SKU: 3C0025
Style 3C0025 - Amoena Mastectomy Swimsuit

Stylish Swimsuit

Adjustable Straps

Shirred Front

Full Front and Back Lining

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