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Amoena Swimsuits Are Beautiful, Functional and Well-Fitting. Choose from many different types of styles and prices! Amoena swimwears are skeek, stylish and fashionable.  They are designed to hold your breast form (or forms) securely and discreetly. With Amoena’s styles, the little hidden extras ensure that you feel confident and comfortable while you are wearing your swimsuit and breast form while looking fabulous.
Amoena Swimwear Featurs:
Cup sizing - Dress sizes aren’t always enough when choosing swimwear. Many of Amoena styles come in different cup sizes – some are available in a B or C fitting, with a smaller selection offered in A and D fittings too.
Bust shaping - An elasticated underband and integral bra hold your breast form or swim prosthesis closely against your body, so there’s no need to worry about it slipping down or falling forward, even in a wet swimsuit.  The integral soft cups combine support and gentle bust shaping for a completely natural look.
Standard legline - Unless stated otherwise, our swimwear has a standard legline - not cut too high or too low - suitable and flattering for most figures and all ages.
Standard back - 
Unless otherwise stated, the back of each swimsuit is 1-2 inches below your bra line, for comfort and security.
Pockets - 
Amoena swimwear has specially designed pockets on both sides to hold your breast form(s) discreetly and securely in place. No-one will notice your prosthesis and it cannot slip, so you can move freely with complete confidence.  Our pockets are accessible from both the top and the side, making them easier to use and ensuring that the breast form sits properly within the pocket.
Underarm - Whether you want to camouflage high scarring or just have that extra bit of security, the slightly higher cut of our swimwear under the arms provides peace of mind without excess coverage.


We're currently out of all Amoena 2019 Swimsuit collection.  Please visit us soon after we add our Amoena 2020 Swimwear collection!

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