Amoena Post Mastectomy Garments

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The Amoena 2105 Post-Surgery Mastectomy Camisole is designed to be used immediately after breast or any chest related surgery such as a mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction or augmentation and now includes two fiberfill leisure forms. The Post-Surgery Camisole is an innovative post-surgery garment with added performance features providing security, a restored silhouette, comfort, and drainage management.

Made of a soft cotton/Lycra fabric that provides a gentle hug to help hold the drainage tube and bulb in place, the camisole comes packaged with two fiberfill forms and the size of the forms can be adjusted by removing the polyester fill from the back opening until you are comfortable with the size. Also, if your range of motion is limited, the neckline of the 2105 Camisole extends to allow for a step-in entry.

Equipped with smooth interior side seams to minimize irritation, the camisole also has removable drainage pouches making it also ideal for leisure wear after surgery or during radiation treatment.

For use with Jackson-Pratt®, Hemovac® and other drainage management systems.

The cotton pockets hold the #2106 Fiberfill Leisure Form (Two Included).

Two drainage pouches included.


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