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Lindi Skin Care was created for one reason - to help people with cancer. With advancements in cancer treatment, side effects to skin are increasing.

We were amazed at the lack of help for people with these problems. Your skin can become an issue during treatment. Doctors and oncology nurses that we have spoken with want to offer the right solutions to their patients.

Our products are intended to help individuals feel better, both physically and emotionally and gain a greater degree of control over the side effectsthey experience during radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Lindi Skin combines the latest medical information with innovative ingredients to formulate superior, safe products for people undergoing cancer treatment.

While many fine skin care products abound, they are not made for people with chemotherapy or radiation related skin issues.

From the Manufacturer:

  • We believe in safety first. It is important to deliver products that are gentle and specifically made for your type of skin conditions.
  • We believe in producing the finest-quality products. To Lindi Skin, the most time, effort and cost is spent on our unique formulas, not on the containers or advertising.
  • We believe in being responsive to the needs of our customers.
  • We believe that people have a greater chance to heal when they feel better emotionally.
  • We believe in giving. Giving products that can help you help yourself. Giving products to cancer support organizations nationwide. Giving healthcare professionals the resources they need.

Our Promise to You:

  • Lindi Skin formulates the highest-quality products to help improve the lives of those affected by chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Lindi Skin products look and feel luxurious, so that you feel confident using them or giving them.
  • The formulas are gentle because the ingredients were specially selected for even the most sensitive skin and are dermatologist- and allergy-tested.
  • We support oncology nurses and cancer foundations that help people with cancer. Since 2005, we have donated more than 500,000 products to non-profit cancer organizations, hospitals and caregivers.
  • We align ourselves with partners that offer supportive care to those affected by cancer.

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